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Pre PT University!
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Welcome to Pre PT University!

Your Future Physical Therapy Career Starts Now As A Student!

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About Us

Who are we? Well honestly... We are you. We were Pre PTs now DPTs who's mission is to get you accepted into physical therapy school so you can live out the career & life of your dreams.

Pre PT Grind was established in 2017 by Dr. Joses Ngugi, PT , DPT and Dr. Casey Coleman, PT, DPT. Who have successfully helped 1,000s of Pre PTs get accepted into PT school.

What is Pre PT University?

Pre PT University is a membership community focused on uniting, preparing, and transforming Pre PTs and SPTs interested in pursing physical therapy. We want to take you through your journey from deciding to be a PT, all the way up to living out the career of your dreams as a physical therapist. 

All to push the PT profession forward by Starting with the future of our profession. Which Is You.

Who is this for?

If you feel like you're going through this pre pt journey alone, then its time to Join a community where you belong. 

Whether you're still deciding if PT is right for you, a high school student interested in sports, a college pre pt applying in a few years or very soon, just sent in your application, just accepted into PT school, applying to PTA school, or a PTA going for your DPT...

You may even be a career changer, a parent, active or military veteran, an athletic trainer, personal trainer, massage therapist, or maybe even an occupational therapy student. 

Wherever you are in your journey, this is YOUR Place to be.

What's Inside?

Live trainings, Accountability, Topics of interest, The inside scoop on PT topics, PT Program discussions, DPT program faculty interviews, Study groups & sessions, Group chats, Application Challenges, Pre PT Milestones, and DPT Guest Speakers.

You can also host Your university Pre PT Clubs Here, direct message with other members, discover members near you, become a Pre PT Grind Ambassador, and most importantly Be in a Place where you belong.

So will it be easy?

Nope. You will have to be disciplined, You will have failures, You will want to quit.

But in Pre PT University, you will have the tools, the accountability, and the community to keep you motivated to reach your goal of becoming a PT.

Can I just join later?

Waiting is killing your application. You have less time than you think. Your application doesn’t start when you apply. Your application starts now.


So what are you waiting for? The party has already started and we've been waiting for you...Yes You! See you inside Pre PT University!